• Ball Brothers Foundation

Ball Brothers Foundation

Ball Brothers Foundation is a family philanthropy, regional in approach, with a grant-making emphasis on East Central Indiana.

Among many other endeavors, BBF strives to support neighborhood stabilization (with an initial emphasis on neighborhoods adjacent to downtown) and renewal. This includes the development of physical areas in downtown Muncie for commercial, retail, and recreational opportunities.

BBF has been very generous to ecoREHAB since 2009, providing funding for multiple rehabilitation projects, capacity-building efforts and research projects.

  • The Community Foundation

The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County

The Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County, Inc. encourages philanthropy, assists donors in building an enduring source of charitable assets, and exercises leadership in directing resources to enhance the quality of life for residents of Muncie and Delaware County.

The Community Foundation has been very generous, contributing to ecoREHAB’s growth since 2009. The Community Foundation continues to support our mission today through funding for sustainable rehabilitation projects.

  • Muncie Community Development

Muncie Community Development

Muncie Community Development’s primary function is to administer entitlement grants to the City of Muncie from U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These grants include Community Development Blocks Grants (CDBG), HOME Investment Partnership Program grants (HOME) and Neighborhood Stabilization Program grants (NSP).

These grants are intended by HUD to develop and revitalize viable urban communities by providing decent affordable housing and a suitable living environment, and by expanding economic opportunities, principally for low- and moderate-income persons.

Community Development has funded multiple full-scale rehab projects as well as other initiatives ecoREHAB has participated with in the past.

  • Ball State University


Ball State University’s immersive learning experience is the signature element of the phrase “Education Redefined”. Immersive learning is an intense learning and developmental activity that requires a student to progress well beyond merely learning to realize the intention and goal of education. The immersive learning experience is designed to bridge content, knowledge, skill application, societal need and lifelong learning.

BSU students, specifically students from the College of Architecture and Planning (CAP), participated heavily on past rehab projects. Students have been responsible for a myriad of tasks, including design, demolition, re-construction and community outreach.



Solar Uniting Neighbors is a financial incentive program to design and administer solar photovoltaic installations in Indiana. The grant funding will be used to create and deploy a program of financial assistance to fund small renewable energy projects located on customer premises that are eligible for net metering or similar interconnection arrangements.

The program was funded by settlement funds received by a collection of five Indiana-affiliated nonprofits, including Citizens Action Coalition, Hoosier Environmental Council, Indiana Wildlife Federation, The Environmental Law and Policy Center and the Sierra Club. The program is being administered by the Indiana Association for Community Economic Development (IACED) and Sustainable Catalyst Partners, (SCP), on behalf of a committee of the nonprofits.

SUN granted ecoREHAB funding to help defray the cost of the installation of a 2.52 kilowatt at ecoREHAB’s office and demonstration house. 

  • PathStone

PathStone Housing Corporation of Indiana

PathStone is a not-for-profit community development and human service organization providing services to low-income families and economically depressed communities throughout New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, Vermont, and Puerto Rico.

PathStone and ecoREHAB began partnering on initiatives in 2013 with an exchange of professional services. ecoREHAB delivered design services to PathStone for their rehab project at 817 W Charles Street while PathStone provided home ownership counseling to the buyer of ecoREHAB’s house at 511 W Main Street. We have continued this partnership while searching for additional collaborative projects.