Old-school vs modern weatherization
Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to take a week-long class at Indiana Community Action Association’s (INCAA) headquarters in Indianapolis.  The class, called the “Retrofit Installer: Shell”, is the basic weatherization training for technicians who provide weatherization services in residential-scale buildings. 
Life with solar panels…
How cool is this? I have the opportunity to work in a house with 8 huge solar panels on the roof. Photons from the sun’s light rays are literally being converted into usable energy as I type this – and I’m not lifting a finger to help it along. Further, the solar system was sized and designed to create as much electricity as the occupants
End-of-Semester Reflection, from a student
When we started the semester, Jonathan said that this wasn’t a design/build studio. I think it was more than that. Yes, we spent the semester sweating.We dug holes, used drills, and framed. But what I’m taking away is bigger.
Systems Overview, 1215 W 10th St
Selecting mechanical systems and their locations is an important part of energy savings and efficiency in a house. Though the house on 10th Street is small,
Weatherization Overview
In addition to performing much of the rehabilitation work, the students involved with ecoREHABstudio this semester are researching weatherization techniques, then guiding the implementation of those techniques during the rehab.
Don’t call me an ugly duckling.
Admittedly, from the street, the house isn’t much to look at right now. It is a nothing-special turn-of-the-century house on the edge of the Old West End’s neighborhood, not too far from downtown.
No all-nighters, caffeine, or crazy futuristic concepts required.
Meet some of our ARCH 402 students working hard to rehabilitate our house in Avondale.  Here’s what they had to say about their current learning environment vs. the typical classroom:
Prologue: Our Solar Panel Initiative
Here is the story leading up to the installation of the 2.52 kW solar panel array at ecoREHAB’s Office and Demonstration House: